Blake is doing fine

Blake Fielder-Civil is currently incarcerated waiting to be sentenced on Thursday for perverting justice and GBH. Ever since his imprisonment, he has claimed to be clean and sober. Naturally, he was lying. The Sun UK today put up pictures of Blake smoking crack; hours before girlfriend, Amy Winehouse, asked for his release during her performance at Nelson Mandel’s birthday party.

“Blake takes heroin whenever he can get hold of it. His claims to be clean are a fallacy and it is obvious he remains dependent.

“There is nothing to suggest he won’t carry on when he’s outside and back with Amy. If she takes him back into her life when she is trying to get clean it will be a recipe for disaster.”

There’s a good chance Amy Winehouse and Blake will never really be clean. It’s best if we just release them into the Amazon jungle like you would a pet rabbit or a pregnant girlfriend.

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