Britney Spears is trying to get in shape

Britney Spears allegedly drops $22,000 a month on a diet an exercise program designed to quell the rumors that she’s pregnant. Her regime includes:

…a £5,000-a-month on a nutritionist and diet supplements, £4,000 on a personal trainer and £2,000 on a private dance choreographer.

A source was quoted in Closer magazine as saying: ‘She limits herself to 1400 calories a day with one ‘cheat day’ where she’ll treat herself.’

‘She also changed the way she eats, trying to have only two thirds of what is on her plate. It’s all about portion control and fresh food now. And lots of water in place of Red Bull.’

The source added: ‘Britney piled on a lot of weight earlier this year. She was so stressed about the custody case and her medication for her bipolar disorder also made her put on weight. She was tired of being flabby and wanted to do something about it.

Now, says the insider: ‘Britney is so proud of herself because her ab muscles are back’.

So, whereas before, Britney was an amorphous blob lounging in a beach chair, she’s now an amorphous blog lounging in a beach chair who can sit up. That’s progress. In two months, she might even make it from the chair to the pool without having the lifeguard ask her if she’s gasping for air because she almost drowned.

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