Brooke Hogan sets feminists back 10 years and other stuff

Reason 128 Brooke Hogan might secretly be a man. Woo, go Brooke.

  • CoEd: Beer pong gives you herpes
  • Celebitchy: Janet Jackson’s nipple finally acquitted
  • ASL: Shannon Doherty will rise again
  • CityRag: Carrot Top’s face is a freakshow
  • CS: Jimmy Kimmel is sad, no one cares
  • SOW: Top Gun 2?
  • PITNB: Hugh Jackman and his little squirts
  • Celebwarship: Who hasn’t dated Dave Navarro
  • Lainey: Angie is fatter than granny
  • Daily Stab: Ben Affleck visits the doctor

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