Christian Bale not guilty says anonymous internet user

A commenter by the name of “Edna” — if that’s her real name — posted on Just Jared via ONTD a “first hand” account on what really went down between Christian Bale and his mother and sister at London’s Dorchester hotel on Sunday. She proclaims:

My father works security at the hotel, and he said it was a mess. His mom and sister wanted the front desk worker to let them into his room to wait for him. When they were told no they started cussing and yelling. They sat in front of his door for an hour until he finally arrived.

His mom and sister are alcoholics and drug addicts, they showed up at his hotel uninvited and highly intoxicated. They were calling him big shot and that he needs to take care of his own. His mom was yelling that he would be nothing without her and he owed her. His sister was begging for money and when he was pushing her toward the door his mother came from behind and started hitting him on his head and kicking him. He managed to push them both out the door and his mom fell, they called the police and wanted him arrested. I believe that Chirstian [sic] is the victim here not his mom or sister.

Sure, blame the alcoholics. Listen, they’re tired of being the scapegoats for you sober people. Plainly, Bale’s mom was simply giving her son a friendly reminder that she carried him in her uterus for 9 months and technically, he would be nothing without her. A simple biology lesson from a caring mother. His sister was there for support and was only asking for money because her feet were too sore to walk back home. I’m not sure about the beating and kicking. The most logical explanation is that there was a really big bug on him. Like, HUGE.

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13 years ago

Is that you Christian?

13 years ago

but really if its true I feel sorry for the guy – love his acting and his face!

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