Contest: Garden Party t-shirt giveaway

Win a Garden Party t-shirt. I’ll be giving away 3 Medium and 3 Large (Men’s) t-shirts. They’re made by American Apparel. Not sure what Garden Party is? Me neither. The trailer is up top and the synopsis is as follows:

On the sleazier side of Sunset, teenage beauty APRIL (Willa Holland) has humble ambitions. She’s searching for a way to get by without taking off her clothes–any more than she already has. But the going is tough.

SALLY ST. CLAIR (Vinessa Shaw) is a realtor whose business has been built upon her sex appeal and secret past. Success has hardened Sally and rendered her disconnected, but it has given her a great eye for spotting lost souls in need of direction.

One such soul is her assistant, NATHAN (Alexander Cendese), who has moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska in search of fame as a dancer. Lacking drive and confidence, Nathan finds himself making late night photocopies for Sally and her clients.

TODD (Richard Gunn) is one of those prospective clients. A porn addicted artist in search of a way out of a sexless relationship and into an adventure, he’s happy to help Sally get revenge for some past indiscretions. In exchange, Sally helps Todd live out his fantasy.

Blazing his own path is SAMMY (Erik Scott Smith), a cunning, off the bus musician/street kid with his eyes on stardom. When Nathan meets SAMMY, Nathan sees a light at the end of the tunnel and maybe more than just a friend, while Sammy sees a much-needed roof over his head

When a local erotic photographer introduces April to Nathan, the dominoes fall on a series of chance encounters. And after everyone has met just about everyone else, each comes away changed in the strangest of ways.

Leave a comment below or email me with your best joke or if you’re like Wes, your hot girlfriend. 6 winners will be chosen to win the T-Shirt below. Contest ends next Tuesday, July 14.

Garden Party

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