Dina Lohan is not welcome

Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan are famous for nothing yet managed to secure a reality show by banking off of Lindsay Lohan’s name. While they think this makes them big stars, the real world disagrees. Which is why studio staff kicked Dina out of last night’s premiere of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 when she tried to steal a reserved table.

Sources report that when Dina, Ali and a friend of Ali’s arrived to the after-party, they sat down at a reserved table. A studio staffer politely asked her to change tables, but “Dina “went apes–t,” a partygoer tells me. “It so wasn’t cool.”

So not cool that “Dina was quietly removed” from the rooftop soiree, another source says.

Dina contends that she left because the staffer raised his voice which “made the girls uncomfortable.”.

Right, whatever lets you sleep at night Dina. I can’t wait for the day event organizers, party planners and club owners have a “tase on sight” order for her. I think LA and NYC should give all celebrity hotspots this right. It would make news much more interesting like, “Last night, Dina was tased for the third time after she attempted to enter a Lohan free club. Along with the usual convulsing, she also frothed at the mouth and bit off her tongue. Sheriffs have deemed ‘Operation F**k Dina’ a success.”

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12 years ago

Dina is soo Pretty, too bad she has turned into a cunt.

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