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Miley Cyrus has always expressed a great love for Sex and the City and an even greater love for the watered down primetime version they show on TBS. She is enamored with it so much so that In an interview with TV Guide, Miley says that she’d “love to do a younger, cleaner version of ‘Sex and the City.'”

If memory serves, Sex and the City was about four haggard old women slutting it up in New York. Doing a clean version would prove difficult, though not impossible. I have a couple of ideas.

Episode one can revolve around a high school boy named “Billy” who tries to push young Carrie (played by Miley) into holding hands. Miley and friends spend the next 20 minutes discussing whether this will make her look “easy.”

Having eased viewers into this Sex and the City early years concept, episode two can be about one of young Carrie Bradshaw’s friends, possibly Samantha (played by another Disney star), tackling a tougher issue. A teacher is hitting on her. What should she do? Should she tell? Should she go for it? Will she still be considered a virgin after anal sex? What does he mean when he talks about Donkey Punches?

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