I hope Will Smith made her cry

The July 4th weekend has been regularly dominated by Will Smith blockbusters beginning with Independence Day. So it is not surprising that Will Smith continued his reign this weekend as people ignored the crappy reviews and flocked to Hancock which earned $66 million and first place at the box office.

However, what was surprising this Fourth of July weekend was Smith’s Hancock was going up against his daughter, Willow’s, movie, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. A film about dolls or something which only made it to 8th place at the box office with $3.6 million. A crushing defeat. It’s said that when the Monday morning numbers came out, Will Smith slapped the back of his daughter’s head, causing her to spit out her Apple Jacks, and yelled out, “LOL PWNED!”

Best quote of the day from NYMag: While it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for a seven-year old whose film career is already an irreparable failure, one would think that even a second grader should be wise enough not to bet against Will Smith on the Fourth of July.

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Just Sayin
Just Sayin
13 years ago

His movie wasn’t up against his daughter’s. His daughter has a small part in “Kit Kittredge”. It’s not her movie by any stretch of the imagination. His daughter isn’t even in the trailer for the film.

This article is exactly why people hate the media so much. They take 1 once of fact (Hancock movie opened $66 mil) and mix it with 100 pounds of dog crap (Will Smith’s daughter’s move) to try and boost rating. This is soooo high schoolish!

What ever happen to fact checking.

13 years ago

I heard about an interview where Will joked that he told Willow he would “stomp” her. I think it’s hilarious and cute too. No 7 year old wants to beat her dad at anything anyway.

I’m going to see Hitchcock this weekend. :)

Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
13 years ago

when a person is powerful their reality is eschewed toward the source of their strength. their understanding of the world around them is nurtured by understanding and avoiding what makes em weak. by being drawn to that which gives em strength, power itself is nurtured to overcome its weakness.

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