Jennifer Aniston wants to ride on Miley Cyrus’ coattails

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston hasn’t had a lot of success in her film career. She’s had a few notable roles in The Break-Up, Office Space and the awesome Leprechaun movie, but none of these have been major money making hits. What’s a girl to do? Well, if you’re an opportunist like Jen, your best bet is to try tricking a naive 15-year-old superstar into doing a movie with you. Say, a “Miley Cyrus” type superstar. Or just Miley Cyrus herself.

Jen told her pal that she wants to play an overbearing stage mother to Miley’s rising singing star character.

“I approached Miley about it, and she thinks it’s a very cool idea,” Jen told a pal.

She and Miley have had several chats about the film, and she’s already hiring someone to start writing the script.

While a smart move on Jen’s part, it’s a little pathetic. Using an innocent child to bolster one’s own fame. Tsk tsk Jen. Don’t you know it’s uncouth to exploit kids. Unless they have small and dexterous hands perfect for sewing sneakers. If that’s the case, then they’re fair game. These Nikes won’t sew themselves you know and I didn’t rent this windowless, fan-less factory just to look at it.

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