Jessica Alba wanted as Barbarella

Robert Rodriguez, director of Grindhouse, Sin City and From Dusk Till Dawn, was married to and had five kids with Elizabeth Avellan. During the filming of Grindhouse in 2006, he met Rose McGowan and began an affair. Elizabeth eventually found out and Robert had to stop production for a month to recover.

Rodriguez and McGowan made their first public appearance at Cannes. He later began pushing studios to cast her as the lead in at least three of his next movies, a remake of Barbarella, Red Sonja and Woman in Chains. They were even rumored to be engaged last year. Life was looking up for Rose, until today.

Page Six reports that the two have broken up and Rose is no longer being considered as the lead for any of those movies. Especially the $70 million Barbarella remake. The studio, once worried that Rose McGowan didn’t have enough box-office drawing power, are now considering Jessica Alba for the titular character.

Although it’s hard to see Jessica Alba as any kind of feminine hero even in a campy 60’s remake, this is probably the best decision Hollywood has ever made because as Wikipedia says: Barbarella is a 1968 erotic sci-fi film. Also, this (I’ve highlighted the important parts),

Barbarella is famous for a sequence in which the title character, played by Jane Fonda, undresses in zero gravity during the opening credits.

The whole film is played in a tongue-in-cheek manner–especially when it comes to the frequent (but non-explicit) sex scenes. The most controversial of those scenes involves Barbarella being “tortured” by use of a machine that gives sexual pleasure in doses that can be lethal.

Finally, Hollywood might do something right for once by covering up Jessica Alba’s stoic acting with sexual torture. If something like this happened during The Eye, I would’ve cried more. Because that’s what guys do when they masturbate. Clip of the machine up above.

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Herman Bumfudle
14 years ago

somebody must really hate jessi, cause barbaraella is trash. the kind of trash that could ruin an actor’s career.

do a female version of a brad pitt sexy type vampire, and talk trash from a woman’s perspective. that would be interesting.

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