Josh Brolin arrested in bar altercation

Josh Brolin and a few others were arrested on Saturday during a bar fight in downtown Shreveport. Josh, 40, was charged with interfering with police. He posted $334 bond to be released. Detective Rod Demery said:

“It’s a common call we receive quite often,” he said. And as for celebrity of the patrons involved, “it doesn’t play any role in decision making.”

They make this sound more kickass than it really is. There didn’t seem to be chairs thrown or broken pool sticks swung. This was probably less violent than the last bar fight I was in. The one where I threw a drink in a guy’s face, slapped him with my glove and said, “You, sir, have offended my honor. I challenge you to a duel.” I ran away when he started to get up. I, um, had to check on my laundry. Yea, that’s it.

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