Katy Perry is into minors

Katy Perry, 23, best known for the song I Kissed A Girl or as Zooey Deschanel with bigger tits, was asked who her dream girl-on-girl kiss would be with. Apparently, it wouldn’t be with the usual Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or anyone hot. It would be with Miley Cyrus, 15, for the sole reason that her song is Miley’s ring tone.

“Maybe we’ll have another Britney-Madonna moment on stage [Miley Cyrus is hosting the Teen Choice Awards which Perry would be attending],” Perry joked. “How hilarious would that be? Although I don’t think it would help her career. However, it would definitely help mine!”

Very hilarious indeed. Not only that, men will really be turned on by Katy making out with a minor. These same men will also at one point in their lives meet Chris Hansen. Aren’t they lucky? To get to meet a real celebrity.

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