Kendra Wilkinson is on her way out

Kendra Wilkinson is about to be kicked off of The Girls Next Door and out of the Playboy mansion. Originally hired as a “young hot girl for Hef,” an antithesis to Bridget, 34, and Holly, 28, the Playmate has outlived her welcome due in part to her relative success.

“Holly and Bridget hate her,” a friend of Wilkinson told Page Six. “They’re totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She’s got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire. They’re just sitting there hangin’ with Hef.”

And due in part to her flagrant rule breaking:

Wilkinson has had a hard time sticking to the rules of the Playboy mansion – which include a curfew and a strict “no dating other men” line.

“She goes out all the time really late and parties,” her pal says. “She’s definitely been linked with other guys . . . She likes rappers and sports guys.”

Rappers and sports guys. Also known as people with money. Classy. Fun fact: Kendra’s field is actually one of the most popular ones that girls aspire to be in nowadays: a blonde with nice tits and a tight body. Because whoring yourself out is easy and much more profitable than being an astronaut, doctor or engineer. You don’t even have to use your brain. Damn thing. Why does it have to take up so much space anyway?

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13 years ago

Beautiful hair.

12 years ago

damn i just wanna f**k that bitch

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