Khloe Kardashian is a good sister

Khloe Kardashian was sent to jail for a few hours after violating probation terms from a 2007 DUI arrest. She tells FOX that she’s learned her lesson.

“My experience was such an awakening, but in an amazing way,” she told us at Malibu’s Project Beach House for the Big Mac anniversary party on Sunday. “Thank God I never got into an accident — I’m glad it happened the way it did for me. God forbid I could have hit or killed someone.”

Still, Khloe denies any drinking problem and says she will still continue to partake in alcoholic beverages, but will always have a designated driver. And to throw the spotlight off her, she outed her brother, 21-year-old Robert, saying he drinks and drives regularly.

“He will drink and drive whether he’ll admit it or not,” she said. “But he won’t do it again because of what I have been through. I spent $50,000 in lawyer’s fees, but it’s not just the money — it is the heartache I’ve put my family through. It’s been stressful.”

Aww, what a nice sister. Guiding her brother away from the same mistakes she made. Publicly calling his character into question. Robert approves. To show his appreciation, he has a present for Khloe when she gets home. It’s a pillow case full of quarters! Shh, the lights are off and Rob is wearing a mask because it’s a surprise.

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