Knox might have been Rex

One of Angelina and Brad’s babies is named Knox Leon Jolie Pitt, but his name would have been a lot gayer had his parents stuck with the original name they chose. Rush & Molloy say the two ordered an “embroidered play mat from for ‘Rex Leon Jolie Pitt'” six weeks ago.

I’ve never known anyone named Rex. The only time I’ve seen that name used is for a dog or in the comic strip, Rex Morgan, M.D. That would have sucked. To have been named after one of the most boring comic strips ever. They might as well have chosen Garfield first. Still, that would suck too. Not because he’d be named after an obese lasagna eating cat, but because some practical joker would have pretended to be Odie and kicked Angelina in the stomach during her pregnancy for revenge. So, in retrospect, I guess Rex was actually the better choice there.

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