Lindsay Lohan’s leggings are on sale

Earlier this year, it was mentioned that Lindsay Lohan would be designing her own line of leggings to combat that awful thing they call bankruptcy. Most people laughed and assumed Lindsay Lohan knows absolutely nothing about anything, already classifying it as a failure.

Well, those people can suck it because Lindsay combined her knowledge of rug burns and bruised knees with women’s fashion and came out with a line of designer leggings perfect for the modern whore. The most expensive of which runs about $132. Per its description:

Check out Lindsay Lohan’s hot new legging line, 6126 which, happens to be the birth date of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe-her inspiration for the collection. Quilted leather knee patches add a sleek urban edge to these racy leggings. Fabric: modal/lycra blend and leather

Yes, you heard right. No more worrying about purple knees and awkward glances at the office the next day. Now, the only thing you’ll have to hide is the shame and regret. Still don’t believe the hype? Listen to what one satisfied customer had to say: “These leggings are fantastic. I felt so comfortable on my knees that it didn’t feel like I was in a gangbang at all!”

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13 years ago

Um, I wonder why Lindsay thought of knee pads? Any ideas people? lol. Those things are hideous, perhaps a reminder of what Lindsay did to get to the bottom of the heap where she is now? $132.00 for crap. What a loser. She’s losing more money with this investment for sure. She sure knows how to go through money, stick it up your nose or down on your knees

13 years ago

I don’t mind buying these leggings..The reasons? First, the styles are not that hot. Second, Lindsay Lohan owns it. And lastly, I’m a man..Haha

Blog Envy Is The New Black

Hmm… why would Lohan think up leggings with built in knee pads… *rubs head*

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