Marisa Miller is all sweaty

Marisa Miller

Not many of you know this, but back in 2007 at the Sunglass Hut Swimsuit Shows in Maimi, I almost got Marisa Miller fired after we had hot, sweaty sex in the stairwell before she walked the runway. That may explain a few of these photos. It’s taken me more than a year to say this, but I’m sorry Marisa. So, so sorry . And horny. Booooinggg!

marisa sweats 01marisa sweats 02marisa sweats 03marisa sweats 04marisa sweats 05marisa sweats 06marisa sweats 07marisa sweats 08marisa sweats 09marisa sweats 10marisa sweats 11marisa sweats 12marisa sweats 13marisa sweats 14marisa sweats 15

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