Miley Cyrus wants to get naked

Industry insiders believe that Miley Cyrus’ “controversial” Vanity Fair photo shoot was a calculated move to transition her into adulthood. There is now talk that Miley is interested in the lead role of “a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity” in Undiscovered Gyrl.

The source says if Cyrus did take the part, you’d be seeing a lot more of Cyrus than what appeared in the Vanity Fair photos. “There would definitely be nude scenes,” says the source.

You have to wonder, apart from people required to register themselves, who’s going to want to see Miley Cyrus, 15, naked. I have a strong suspicion that midway through the film Chris Hansen is going to pop up out of the bottom right of the projection screen and ask you to take a seat. Ahh, I swear the credits said she was 18, man.

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13 years ago

Wow i think this girl all she wants to do if freaking be naked!!!!!
Miley if u want to be a slut and be naled go to PLAYBOY!
i never liked her!!

13 years ago

“miley cyrus” is ugly as f**k.
i dont get what other guys see in that girl.
i mean its not like shes hot…. jessica alba, on the other hand now thats HOT.
miley cyrus is a bitch whos just trying to get atteniton
theres tuns of girls at my school hotter than her and im not lying.
playboy wouldnt want her nasty ass ugly face,
go f**k your self “miley” because nobody else wants too!

12 years ago

i like miley cyrus

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