Miley Cyrus was haxored

Miley Cyrus

Some guy allegedly hacked Miley Cyrus’ iPhone and leaked the pictures over the weekend. He claims they were sent to Nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers. In one of them, the “scandalous” one, Miley Cyrus is holding a one woman wet t-shirt contest. The others are of her lifting up her shirt and trying to look badass, which she pulls off so well.

The guy who leaked these also found “worse” pictures which he is trying to sell. Read that again. The guy who found these may have naked pics of Miley Cyrus, 15, and he wants to sell them. Good luck with that, guy.

Judging by how much flack she got for her Vanity Fair photo shoot, I’d expect mass riots in the streets after this because, obviously, in the history of the world, a 15-year-old girl has never tried to act sexy for her boyfriend. This is big news people!

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