Paparazzi fail to sneak onto Brad and Angelina’s compound

Two paparazzi sporting full camouflage attempted to sneak onto Angelina and Brad’s French estate in order to snap pictures of the newborn twins. A fight broke out when security told them to leave. Apparently, paparazzi fight like psychos. Tony Webb, head of security, said:

“We caught the two and tried to escort them off the property and the guy’s just gone beserk, thrashing out, kicking and actually biting one of the security people, breaking his finger, drawing blood and screaming that he had Hepatitis C.”

The police captain said both sides filed legal complaints accusing the other of battery and causing injury. She said she believed the injuries were bruises and scratches and “nothing nasty.”

Paparazzi are awesome. They sneak onto private property and start fighting like feral animals when caught. After they get their asses kicked, they file police complaints. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I believe that the law says proper procedure is to kick their asses again.

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