Portia de Rossi is naked

Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres were yachting in Sardinia, Italy over the weekend when Portia decided to go topless. Thankfully, Ellen did not because if she did, things would be a lot different. Like, imagine the internet. Now, imagine the internet puking.

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  • Lene

    Too harsh. Ellen is an amazing humanbeing and you shouldn’t judge a woman by how good her boobs look!
    I’m sure the internet would be puking if you sunbathed topless too.

  • I doubt it. My pecs are amazing.

  • laura loo

    can i have a side of rye with those eggies?

  • katrina

    this wrong

  • Valeria

    say whatever u want about ellen. she will be banging portia anyway.:D

  • deb

    Ellen is old fat and out of shape and Portia looks like shit without her makeup and her body is crap. FYI lesbians dont fuck after the first year, its called LBD, Lesbian bed death. Portia has her eye on some other dyke any way. She did not sign a pre-nup so she’ll grab what she can on the way out.

  • Mn

    Ellen is just as hot as Portia.

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