She wanted money

More details about Christian Bale’s fight with his mother and sister are surfacing. The Sun is reporting that Bale’s sister, Sharon, asked to borrow $200,000 to help raise her three children. Bale refused and allegedly pushed and shoved her and his mother.

They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening. But they say he bullied them.

They are both devastated that it has come to this but want him to be taught a lesson.

Sharon and Jenny, a part-time clown from Bournemouth, left the hotel on Monday morning and, on the way to their Dorset home, stopped at a Hampshire police station and reported Bale for assault.

Sharon, who works in computer programming, has two daughters – aged ten and 12 – from a previous marriage and a baby from a new relationship.

Right. “Teach him a lesson.” Sort of like how I taught that girl who laughed at me when I asked her out a lesson by pouring sugar in her gas tank. I taught her humility and the value of a car or something. Bale should realize what a caring mother and sister he has. They’re only trying to make him a better man.

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