Tara Reid is all kinds of sexy

A fan of Tara Reid has started an online petition to get her a role in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. They believe it will “help revive” her career. 479 people have already signed and 479 need to be shot.

“We feel young hollywood actress Tara Reid deserves a role in the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. She is a very talented and intelligent actor, we feel a a major role, in a major film will help revive her acting career. We feel she would be a truly great addition to the cast. Please truly consider her for a part, and check out how many people would love to see her in you’re film.”

Tara Reid’s stomach looks like a piece of clay that someone started punching over and over again and it seems like only one of her nipples work (the right one). Naturally, horror would be a perfect fit. She could play “Girl who’s stomach freaks the s**t out of Freddy.” You’ll be able to see her name in the credits right after the grips’.

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13 years ago

Like I always say, never trust a woman whose vagina is 3 ft below her belly button.

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