Amy Winehouse caught smoking crack again

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I’m not sure if you know this, but Amy Winehouse might have a drug problem. News of the World released the 100th video in their epic series, Amy Caught Snorting Crack On Tape. The latest, filmed in July, shows Amy Winehouse in a Camden pub snorting lines off a CD case in plain view of guests.

In an exclusive interview she said: “I’m shocked by the video. When I look at Amy I think: ‘For Christ’s sake, just get a grip of yourself.’

“Enough is enough.

“As the police know Amy is a drug addict – and she has now been caught twice on film taking illegal drugs – they should arrest her and put her behind bars.

“Rehab clinics are a waste of money, unless you want them to work.

“Amy doesn’t want to give up drugs, so she’s got to learn the hard way in prison.

“Police have to act. She is making a mockery of the law. It has got to stop.

“The price Amy has got to pay is losing her freedom.”

They should send Amy to LA. They’re very tough on crime. One time a girl who shouldn’t even be a celebrity, I think her name was Khloe something, spent a whopping 173 minutes in jail for violating probation. If that was Amy, one would think she’d be inconvenienced enough to quit drugs.

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12 years ago

You don´t snort crack. Smoke, or snort coke. That´s what I learned. But hey, I´m no expert.

12 years ago

u go amy i dont know who the hell u r but u go dude wait girl ya i love me some good crack maybe a joint or something but yea! xD

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