Amy Winehouse might have overreacted

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Amy Winehouse, confusingly still allowed out in public, was walking down the street in London when a middle-aged woman, concerned for her health, grabbed her. Naturally, Amy spun around, slapped her in the face and cussed her out. The Sun is there with video.

The troubled singer was out and about in Camden when a passer-by grabbed her, seemingly concerned for her health.

But Amy lashed out at the middle-aged woman – giving her a hard slap and screaming: “Let f***ing go of me, d***head.”

As she walked away, Amy carried on shouting at her victim, calling her a “f***ing bitch”.

I read somewhere that every time Amy Winehouse assaults someone or overdoses, an angel gets their wings. Or was it a heroin addict gets a new needle? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure the citizens of London should be arming themselves with tranq darts in case they ever cross an Amy Winehouse. Shooting her will give them a full minute to escape while she gets high.

  • WHAT?!


  • BGillison

    That is why you shouldn’t put your hands on people you don’t know…

  • Savvy

    if she keeps it up some is gonna beat her azz…

  • Amy is just bastard

    Watched the video. She is just bastard.

  • terry

    That women should feel like an idiot! Don’t have any feelings for these damn celebs. They do drugs, sleep around and live the life they want. Look at MJ, some people feel he was wronged but in fact he’s a freaking pedo to the core. Enter his inter sanctum and you’ll be disgusted.

  • excuse_me

    …. but why did the lady reach out and grab her in the first place?
    I think she deserved it.

  • Pete

    Crack is whack!

  • Ms.Mo

    I would slap someone for grabbing me too…especially if it was late at night and there were tons of cameras in my face and tons of people shouting at me. I think that if it would’ve been in the daylight without all of the chaos she would’ve reacted differently.

  • Hugs not Drugs Amy.

  • damn skippy

    Brits are the most prozac’d ppl in the world already. Like anyone there should complain about a junkie. But anyway, that old hag probably wanted to lay some christian crap on her. You don’t know if it’s her first time assaulting the junkie, either. She looks like your grandma. GRANDMA: STEP AWAY FROM THE JUNKIE! STOP TELLING HER ABOUT JESUS!

  • Chriss

    And that is exactly what you should do if a stranger puts their hands on you. Let them know that it is unacceptable by whatever means you deem appropriate.

    Can’t blame Amy for this one.

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