Angelina Jolie isn’t doing well

Sources tell Now that Angelina Jolie is having a hard time taking care of six children, two of which are newborn twins, and is currently undergoing treatment for stress.

“She’s in tears up to three times a day and so tired that Brad’s found her collapsed asleep in the bath twice.

“She’s been working around the clock, breast-feeding the babies and trying to get them to sleep. But as soon as one of them drops off, the other wakes up for another feed.

“She’s also not eating very much right now and blames that on being busy. The doctor says that she needs more calories to gain strength and ensure that her breast milk is healthy.”

See? See?! What did I tell her? She should have chose me over Brad. That way when she told me she wanted children, I would have crushed birth control pills into her dinner every night. My lies and deceit would have saved her health and possibly our relationship.

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12 years ago

She looks like she is in heat …..

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