Best picture so far from the Olympics

Ali wrestles

I had this saved and forgot to post it. The photo is old news by now, so I hope you can deal.

This is Ali Bernard wrestling Wang Jiao in the women’s 72kg division during the quarterfinals. Jiao went on to win gold and Ali went on to skip her next physical because she was already provided with a free rectal exam. Hi res here.

  • Mariah

    Is that even legal?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Mariah

    Is that move even legal?

  • billhopper

    That’s where the G-spot is, isn’t it? ISN’T IT???

    Damn Chinese women wrestlers. Always one step ahead of me.

  • Moosetounge

    I think that is called checking your opponent’s oil.

  • Rose

    Damn talk about getting hooked!!!

  • drew


  • MOnkey

    that is the other olympic ring. the brown one.

  • Bingo! Bullseye! On Target!

  • dongding

    i think the red one is enjoying it…

  • it is legal if both njoyed it..

  • Simon

    You know your a lesbian when…

  • someone

    Some information here, not important though. The blue one is Hamaguchi Kyoko from Japan, not Wang Jiao from China. There’s a rumor that Hamaguchi is a student of the so-called “golden finger” in legend, Kato Taka LOL

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