Denise Richards’ show canceled

Despite starting out “pretty good” at 1.5 million viewers, the audience for Denise Richards: it’s Complicated have slowly tapered off over the later nine episodes. E! has now decided to pull the plug and give Denise the old heave-ho much like you would with a dog that can no longer play fetch.

A show low-light was her confrontation with an editor for a magazine over how she has been portrayed in the tabloid press.

With no marketable skills and unable to successfully whore herself out, expect Denise to be working at your nearest Hot Dog on a Stick. She’ll be the one mopping the floors. Oh, they put her at the front once, but she kept deep throating the corn dogs and asking for donations.

  • polly

    She is not interesting. She cannot survive celebrity status without constant Charlie bashing.

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