Denise Richards wants you (to watch her show)

The ratings for Denise Richard’s E! reality show are as low as ever. That means it’s the perfect time to get back with Richie Sambora. People will watch that, right? Well, you won’t find out because Richie isn’t even taking her calls.

Insiders say Denise started phoning and texting Richie nonstop, begging him to rekindle their romance, and he talked to her patiently at first – telling her he’s just not interested, and has a new relationship cooking.

Denise, refusing to take “NO!” for an answer, told pals she’s furious at Richie – yet won’t stop phone/text-stalking!

Although I’ve never watched Denise’s show, I’m sure it’s awful. However, here’s a suggestion on how to boost ratings. Kill herself. It sounds counterintuitive, but gosh darn if it might not just work.

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12 years ago

Denise could suck me off, gagging on my sperm. That might help the show. Anything for sweet Denise, I’ll do my part.

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