Gillian Anderson was a bitch

Gillian Anderson

In an interview with horror website Icons of Fright, Tuesday Knight, who starred in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and an episode of X-Files says Gillian Anderson was a bitch to her.

Let’s talk about X-FILES because you did an episode. I love X-FILES, but I honestly only consistently watched the first 4 seasons and then after that, I’d catch random episodes. So, you were in “Trevor”, which was a Season 6 episode. What was that experience like? I hear David Dochovny is a prankster on set? Is that true?

Uh, he is, and he is wonderful. But the woman is a nightmare!

Gillian Anderson?

Yes. She was the nastiest woman I’ve ever worked with on anything. I almost walked off, and the reason I didn’t was because of David, because he was such a doll. And of course the money. They were giving me good money to do it. Gillian was like, “Oh, you’re the guest star this week? Oh, I don’t sit with guest stars. No, I’ll only talk to children guest stars.”

I mean, unbelievable. I’m in a scene with her, and we’re walking out the door and it was really cold where we were. So, I just say, “God, it’s really quite chilly.” And she looks at me and goes, “I have no idea what you think is chilly or what you’re talking about. Or any concept of you.” And I just looked at her, nodded and said, “…Great. Ok.”

In Gillian’s defense, Tuesday who? I’d be pissy too if a commoner tried to make conversation. I’m 1/2 the star of X-Files! What makes you think you’re allowed to speak to me?! Then again, maybe Gillian is afflicted with a disease that doesn’t allow her to feel hot or cold. That Tuesday Knight. What a bitch. Rubbing Gillian’s nose in her hot/cold feeling ability.

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