Gwen Stefani may have given birth

In Touch has it on good authority that Gwen Stefani may have already rid herself of the demon spawn festering in her stomach as of 10 a.m. this morning.

“Gwen’s so excited to have this baby because she gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy,” her pal reveals to In Touch. “She is ready to meet her new baby and get her body back.”

Gwen gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 pounds. I heard one time Gavin Rossdale came home and found an elephant trying to rape her. Awkward.

Note: The photo above was created using advanced algorithms to predict what she’ll look like in two weeks. Or it could just be a picture from August of last year.

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Sarah C
Sarah C
12 years ago

Zuma Nesta Rock??? WTF? Zuma and Nesta are both girl names but its reported she had a boy….Plus, those are just weird names. I’m so confused.

laura loon
laura loon
12 years ago

sounds like lunesta to me zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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