I think they call this a nerdgasm

To all the practicing nerds who have been praying at an altar of Marvel and DC action figures and giving them offerings of baby tears and twinkies for a crossover movie, your wish may soon be granted. Page Six speculates that a DC/Marvel crossover movie is in the works. Based on the fact they ate lunch together.

Last week, Marvel man Stan Lee, who created “Spider-Man,” “Iron Man” and “X-Men,” had lunch at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills with DC Comics producer Jon Peters, who brought “Batman Returns” and “Superman Returns” to the big screen.

Two producers from different universes meeting for lunch? Something is afoot. Although, if Jon Peters has anything to do with a film of this magnitude and the stories about him are true, expect a transgendered Punisher fight Super Girl (who now has three breasts). I’ll let Wikipedia explain.

In his Q&A/comedy DVD, An Evening With Kevin Smith, writer/director Kevin Smith relates an anecdote about when he was hired to write a draft for the new Superman movie, which would have been called Superman Lives. According to Smith, Peters demanded that Superman was not to appear in his iconic costume, nor fly. He also instructed Kevin Smith to include a gay robot sidekick to Brainiac and a fight scene involving Brainiac and a pair of polar bears, and insisted that the final act of the film must consist of Superman fighting a giant spider which would be unveiled to Superman in a scene reminiscent of King Kong’s reveal in his titular film. Later on in the DVD, Smith notes that the summer after he worked with Peters, he saw Wild Wild West, a movie produced by Peters, which similarly contained a giant mechanical spider.

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