It’s like they kissed each other

Justin Long has gotten over his failed relationship with Drew Barrymore and moved on to greener (browner?) pastures. Those pastures being Kirsten Dunst. Rush & Molloy report:

Now it’s Justin Long’s turn on the Kirsten Dunst train. The “Mac guy” was snogging Dunst, who’s been with Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hartnett, Andy Samberg and Orlando Bloom, in L.A. at Sunset Junction. The duo “were making out hard-core while waiting in line for margaritas,” says our spy. “They were holding hands and were all over each other.” We give it two weeks before they’re over each other, period.

I heard in medieval times that they gave people an alternative to the torture rack and being drawn and quartered which was to makeout with Kirsten Dunst. You never read about this in history books because everyone always opted for the being pulled apart by a horse thing.

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