James Franco talks stolen t-shirt, proceeds to get laid

The New York Daily News talked to James Franco about the alleged stolen, uncredited t-shirt design he wears in Pineapple Express. A Brooklyn t-shirt marker called WOWCH claims the concept art of a shark eating a kitten was originally one of their designs created in 2005. Franco calls the allegations ridiculous and says it was an original design by the director, David Gordon Green.

“What? That’s ridiculous,” Franco exclaimed. “We completely created that shirt and that shark. David wanted me to wear a purple Monterey Bay T-shirt with a whale on it. I said I wasn’t into the whale shirt, so he came up with his own design, which was the shark.”

Then in the middle of the interview he gets hit on by a couple of girls who I assume would blow him right then and there if it wasn’t for the fact they were wearing heels and much too tight skirts.

Girl: You look familiar.

Franco: I dunno. Have we met?

Girl: I saw you on screen an hour ago.

Franco: On the street?

Girl: No! On the movie screen! You were in the movie we just saw!

Girl 2: I loved it. I’m [Name redacted].

Girl: I’m [Name redacted]. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Franco: Hi. I’m James.

Girl 2: Where are you from?

Franco: Well I’m moving here to New York City very soon …

Publicist (interrupting): You know girls, this is the Daily News right here …

Daily News: Give me two seconds, and then you can tell him everything that you ever wanted to.

Girl (grinning widely): Like all my favorite sexual positions?

Franco (turns to the Daily News and smirks): I’ll borrow your tape recorder for that!

James Franco may be a rich, successful actor and have women constantly throwing themselves at him, but I eat beans straight from the can. Top that, James “I’m so handsome” Franco.

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12 years ago

How rude & stupid can you be?!? Those girls showed no respect to Mr. Franco or the news people. Couldn’t they have waited until he was done talking and then go introduce themselves?!? And what’s with the sex talk?!? Cheap shot from some cheap girls, I’d say!

As for Mr. Franco & his handsome self, he doesn’t seem to roll the way you imply…

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