Jessica Origliasso of the Veronicas is naked

Jessica of the Veronicas

Admittedly, I’ve only heard about Aussie pop sensation The Veronicas in passing. A Google search reveals that the group is fronted by twin sisters — neither of which are named Veronica — Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. However, Google doesn’t reveal how Jessica likes to take topless pictures of herself because here she is, boobies and all.

Jessica’s publicist denies that this is her, simply saying, “I’m confident that the girl in the topless photograph is not her.” I’d take his word for it. Publicists are a beacon of truth.

jessica topless 01jessica topless 02jessica topless 03jessica topless 04

  • lut

    fuckn junk ho

    • ???????

      as perverted as this sounds, she is a good looking girl and as much as i respect women it would be good to see a bit more if you know what i meen.

  • nope


  • jessica

    u slut

  • jazza

    shes hotttttttttttttttttt id get on that

  • the pounder

    fuly tap that

  • how is she a slut? her sad ass ex did this for a buck. so are you saying if you take your cloths off infront of your bf your a slut..shit that must make every girl in the world a slut and you just 1 FRIGED BITCh

  • Jess

    You don’t have to be a slut to show your boobs.
    Her idiot boyfriend is a total sell-out.
    Seriously, i know a million girls who do the same sort of thing but because they’re not famous it doesn’t seem to matter. So just leave her alone, seriously, she’s a normal kid inside.
    And don’t be such a fucking bitch.

  • matt

    well that just means ur a slut/ho because i bet a million bucks you’ve been naked in front of other people.

  • loltits

    i’d do seriously unspeakable things to her. sluts arent a bad thing either? theyr a wonderful gift to the world

  • Lois

    true. ive been seen naked by the other ppl. but i think that IS jess. unless sum1 made a remarkable plastic surgery to look exactly like her.

  • Slut lover

    wat a mad ganger

  • jae

    fuck up you piece of shit thats ma gurl you’re talking about……. get fuck you fucken knob jockey….

  • Kale

    I don’t think she’s a slut. she’s fucking fine. I say that her dick head ex boy friend needs to get his ass jumped. who’s with me?

  • top set of tits for a short ass id let her have her way on me. good on her for getting them out for the boys.

  • chewy

    umm..i agree with the previous post?

  • Jessica is a hot girl but not a fucking slut! ive met The Veronicas and there really nice people. its horrible that she got screwed over. its a shame, i think that her Ex-faggot-ass boyfriend needs to be hurt bad for putting such a beautiful girl through hell.

  • sxy cunt

    ohh she is so fukin hot i would eat her pussy and fuk her so hard in the ass hole i would make her bleed

  • everbody shut up and leave her alone shes not a slut or a ho shes just havin a bit of fun

  • cole

    she is so fucking hot and horny i would lick her pussy and make her suck my dick all night and day and fuck her anal all day and night

  • cidknight

    She is beauitful.

    There’s some sleezy coments left here and i bet they’re buy ulgy small cocked arse holes that never get laid. Or if they do they get clamidia.

    She is not a slut…… don’t be morons.

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