Katherine Heigl gives a big F U to the environment

Katherine Heigl

After lunch with her mom at P.F. Chang in Santa Monica, Katherine Heigl was almost ticketed for throwing her cigarette butt on the ground in front of a bike cop. She managed to “sweet talk” her way out of it.

“The officer told Katherine to pick up the butt and throw it away in the trash, 10 feet away,” the source says. “He added that he’d fine her next time he catches her tossing trash on the sidewalk.”

Hopefully he made her crawl on all fours to throw it away, forced her to lick the ground and spanked her for added humiliation. Still, that’s probably too lenient. In Singapore, they cane people for this. We should do that here. But only for Katherine. You know, to test it out.

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Yeah she should be spanked no questions about it! In fact her mother should have smacked her butt the moment she “dropped” her cigarette. Oh and by the way, they don’t cane people here in Singapore for littering. :)

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