Katie Holmes’ Broadway debut is bombing

Katie Holmes’ play is failing. People are not singing praise for her Braodway debut in All My Sons. Ticket sales are underwhelming and no one knows who to blame.

“You can’t say it’s the economy,” says the source, “because there are shows, like ‘Mamma Mia’ that are selling out.” One possibility bandied about is that audiences are too nostalgic for Holmes’ “Dawson’s Creek” persona to clamor for tickets. “It’s not that Katie’s bad in the part. She’s good enough. The producers are just getting the feeling people still want to view Katie as sweet little Joey Potter.”

Oh yea. That’s it. Dawson’s Creek nostalgia. That show which ended five years ago is to blame for poor ticket sales and lack of buzz. Let’s overlook the fact that as an actor, Katie Holmes is adequate at best. No one was clamoring to go see First Daughter or Pieces of April either and her performance in Batman Begins was derided by the public. I’m sure now that Katie Holmes is in a Broadway show people will forget about all that and decide to go see the now devoid of any sexuality Katie in a play with no explosions or Christian Bale, two things that obviously hindered her amazing acting ability.

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