Kim Kardashian is bikini-y

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was fortunate enough to inherit the superior genes from her mom and dad. If you look at the other Kardashian sisters, they look like they should be locked in a zoo and fed on a timetable. Not Kim though. She’s hot. One time I even thought I saw her on the street and I waved wildly at her. Turns out it was just a mannequin in the window. People say I have the most exciting stories.

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But… It’s all fake. Her ass included. Faaaaake.

Brooke Weinstein
Brooke Weinstein

So what. Even if she has had work done, she looks damn good. People can talk smack about work when it looks bad, like Joan Rivers. But Kim has captured what millions of women (and men) want to look like. And she’s raking in serious attention because of it. Stop hating, and start looking at yourself with more accepting, loving eyes.

cutie pie

aint nobody hatin.. she is a lying fake butt implnted woman.. who is prejudieced against her own race of men. the problem is there are millions of black women who have a shape like that but they are over looked for a fake one… and why doesnt she date her armanian men… only black men and only in america can you get famous for suc*ing di*ks on a sorry sex tape!


fake bitch

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