Mackenzie Phillips tried to smuggle heroin and cocaine

48-year-old Mackenzie Phillips, Julie Cooper on One Day at a Time and half-sister to Bijou Phillips, was being screened by TSA at LAX when personnel discovered baggies and balloons filled with what was suspected to be heroin and cocaine. She is currently in custody.

Mackenzie’s drug abuse dates back to the late 70’s. IMDB says:

During the run of the 1979-1980 season, Mackenzie started to fall off the deep end. The producers didn’t know what was wrong – she started getting tired and showing up late for rehearsals. On the set she was incoherent and the producers gave her a six week leave of absence. In 1980, she was fired from the series, went to rehab, then returned in the fall of 1981. Sadly, in 1983, she fell asleep during a rehearsal. Producer Patricia Fass Palmer told her that she had to take another drug test, but she refused and left. She has since recovered and returned to acting.

She should have done what rational people do. Swallowed the balloons and pooped them out the next day or planted it on a random kid and blamed them. Those crazy kids. If it’s not the cocaine and heroin, it’s the heroin and cocaine.

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