Madonna loves massages, facials and free-weights

PEOPLE lends some insight as to what goes on in Madonna’s dressing room on her Sticky and Sweet tour before she heads out on stage.

Backstage, the atmosphere is peaceful and family-oriented, with a kids play room next to the singer’s dressing room. On her opening night in Cardiff, Wales, “She had a massage and a facial – things are very quiet,” says the rep.

Before each show, she spends an hour in hair and makeup, then performs some vocal exercises. Next, she warms up with some form of exercise, “probably some free weights.”

Nothing like doing a few 100 lb. clean and jerks and 50lb. kettle bell raises to get pumped up for the big concert. If you’re Madonna, you want your muscles to really pop while your out on stage. The veinier the better. Her workouts also help entertain her crew backstage. Not only can she shoot a ping pong ball out of her twat, but she can crush one into fine powder as well. Check it out! Guys? Hey… guys?

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12 years ago

Time to fucking retire, you old ugly hag.

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