No one likes Tara Reid

Tara Reid used to be on top of the world (not really), but constant partying, bad movies and a horrible plastic surgeon have turned both her body and career into grotesque sideshow oddities. In fact, Tara Reid crossing in front of you holds the same stigma as walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. So, it comes as no surprise that there are very few people who wish to be associated with her and definitely don’t want to pay to be associated with her. Which is why she’s having trouble finding a roommate/friend. A potential housemate explains tells In Touch ,

“I backed out because I didn’t know if she’d be reliable or if the living situation would be too out of control.” ITW speculates that perhaps the applicant was right to be cautious. They report that “A lonely Tara, 32, has already hosted a string of house parties this summer.”

“She’s desperate to get people to her place,” a friend is quoted in the article as saying. “She’s been throwing lots of get-togethers.” “Nobody’s living in her three-bedroom home with her,” says an insider.

Tara needs to turn to Craigslist where the other weirdos are. SWF seeks SM/SF for weekly BBQ/Beer Pong, possible boob touch, cuddling.

In other Tara Reid news, nobody likes Tara Reid. Did I already mention that? She’s not even good enough for fallen-celeb reality shows like Dancing With the Stars.

According to our inside source, the perennial party girl has applied for the show multiple times but was rejected each time on the basis that she isn’t “family friendly” enough. Ouch.

Instead, they went with Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner. They need to put Tara on suicide watch. Kris Jenner isn’t even a has-been celebrity. If I was Tara, I’d seriously consider deadbolting myself in the bathroom and slitting my wrists. Did you hear that Tara? Seriously. Consider.

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Phat girl
Phat girl
12 years ago

“If I was Tara,I’d seriously consider deadbolting myself in the bathroom and slitting my wrists. Did you hear that Tara? Seriously. Consider.”

Exactly how could a comment be more offensive than that s**t right there. Suicide humor, really? What, has the world run out of dead baby jokes already.

12 years ago

I like her, well I’d like to cum on her sweet cute face at least.

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