Reps say Jolie didn’t take over Cruise’s role

Earlier, Variety reported that Angelina Jolie replaced Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt, soon to be renamed Edwina A. Salt. In a futile attempt to sway public perception that Tom Cruise isn’t as big of a star as he once was, a mysterious source tied to the film now says Cruise was never locked and, while they did offer him the role, he actually passed.

“This story about Jolie taking over is completely false … this started with an inaccurate report months ago that said (Cruise) was taking the role,” says the source. “They courted him for almost a year for this movie. He considered it but passed.”

Yea, I’m sure he passed. That’s exactly what happened. Just like Cruise passed on the next Mission Impossible movie after Paramount called him too old and too expensive. Similar to how I passed on a date with Marisa Miller after she slapped me in the face. Way too aggressive, I thought. I like my women with less testosterone.

In other Tom Cruise news, MGM has announced a December, 26, 2008 release date for Cruise’s suspense film, Valkyrie, directed by Bryan Singer. The film is a WWII-era thriller about the planned assassination of Hitler. December 26th. Why, that’s the day after Christmas and the middle of Hanukkah. What an unexpected coincidence.

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