Sienna Miller is distraught

The appearance of Sienna Miller at a Malibu gas station caused a gaggle of paparazzi to surround her while she filled her tank. Apparently, the constant questions about her relationship with the still married Balthazaar Getty, the guy she was naked with, finally made her cry. Possibly because of guilt, but more likely because that’s what women like to do.

She broke down shouting “leaving me alone” as the cameras flashed around her.

And when one paparazzo asked about her relationship with Getty, the actress fumed shouting: “I’m just trying to fill up my fucking car!”

“Please, I’m asking you. I can’t live like this, please give me a little bit of respect.”

One time I was pumping gas and this homeless guy motioned to my windshield like he wanted to wash it. Naturally, I shoved him to the ground, dove into my car, locked my doors and sped off. That story is kind of related.

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13 years ago

Good… No bitch you don’t seserve NO respect… Home wrecking whore… I hope this happens to the slut everytime people see her. However way she’s feeling, multiply that by 100 and that’s the way the wife is feeling…. I hope and pray you never find happiness… Homewrecking, talentless bitch. She did the same with Jude Law and he cheated on her. And I hope this silly fool does the same thing to her

13 years ago

She didn’t break up Jude’s marriage…divorce was already in process when they met. But…she did suddenly leave her live-in boyfriend to go live with Jude after his divorce was final, much like she did the phoned-in breakup with Rhys when she found Getty. Classy. I didn’t feel sorry for her during her “cheated-on” act 3 years ago (because I’m sure there was 2 sides to that story, and she’s not as innocent as she appears), and I don’t feel sorry for what she’s going through now. You get what you give.

laura loo
laura loo
13 years ago

i feel like i owe lola and sheryl a copay. same time next week?

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