Adriana Lima is on Ugly Betty

Adriana Lima

I’m not arguing Adriana Lima doesn’t look pretty good in these pictures of her on the set of Ugly Betty, I’m arguing that, normally, she’s weird looking and that sex with her would be the most surreal experience. Mid-coitus, your penis would be all, “Fuck yea, supermodel!,” but your brain would be all, “Wait a minute penis, I have a direct link with the eyes and he’s telling me he’s not too sure about this.” Then your penis would be all, “Screw you brain. Supermodel!,” and eventually, your brain will acquiesce because your penis has made a very convincing argument.

adriana lima ugly betty 01adriana lima ugly betty 02adriana lima ugly betty 03adriana lima ugly betty 04adriana lima ugly betty 05adriana lima ugly betty 06adriana lima ugly betty 07adriana lima ugly betty 08adriana lima ugly betty 09adriana lima ugly betty 10

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