Akon punched out a girl

Remember in April of last year when Akon dry humped a maybe 15-year-old girl and then in June of that same year, threw a 15-year-old kid off the stage onto some chick’s head? Well, Akon performed in Guyana, South America on August 30th and I think you know where this is going.

During his set, Akon tried to crowd surf to another part of the venue and when he made his way across, a female super fan started hugging him and wouldn’t let go. So, Akon being Akon turned around and punched her out. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Whew. That was a close one. She could have had a knife or, like, rough hands.

On a sort of related note. You know that joke about the one black eye and not having to tell her twice? This video made me think about that, but it doesn’t work in this case because Akon didn’t even tell her once.

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