Ashton Kutcher has a new website

By now, you’ve heard of Ashton Kutcher’s new startup, Blahgirls, a website — already sponsored by Vitamin Water — featuring weekly webisodes about celebrities and a celebrity gossip blog of some sorts with mostly one line quips on celeb photos and rundowns of Project Runway and The Hills. Because I’m sure everyone is dying to read minute by minute updates dissecting each scene of a scripted 15 minute reality show.

By the way, Ashton was at TechCrunch50 recently promoting it and he swears he’s managing everything. You can tell too. The site sucks. It’s worse than mine and that’s saying a lot. With posts like “If Ashton is a football coach, we are totally the cheerleaders,” and “Solange should knowles better,” I’m sure Blahgirls will blow-up. It’s a bubbling cauldron of creativity. So, if you’re into reading stuff written by a 25 – 30-year-old in the voice of a 15-year-old, similar to what they do on How to Catch a Predator, you’ll love this place. You might also love hanging around playgrounds and driving around schools offering candy to kids.

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12 years ago

I wonder how much Ashton is paying the South Park guys in royalties…

12 years ago

my only goal in life, besides becoming the worlds first space pirate, is to become rich enough so i can have a death squad always on call.

let me walk you through a normal day:

i see some garbage like this, walk over to my big red phone, and say “ashton kutcher, code 12”. done.

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