David Blaine is an idiot

Last night, David Blaine concluded his 60 hours of hanging upside down with a dive. OF DEATH! The whole stunt left people confused as David didn’t really hang upside down for 60 hours in the first place, it was more like sixty 50 minute intervals of kind of hanging upside down, and his dive of death was more like him dropping from a platform before grinding to a halt before he hit the ground and then being carried away by balloons. Huh?

Also included in the special was supposed to be a segment where David Blaine gets punched in the gut by an over-hyped Kimbo Slice. David describes this as how Houdini died. Except it’s not. Houdini died from a ruptured appendix. I didn’t watch the special last night so I don’t know if they aired it or not. Hopefully not because it would be really uncomfortable to watch David cry on camera and one would think it would ruin his whole mystique. Whatever was left of it.

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