David Duchovny didn’t have an affair

David Duchovny checked into rehab for sex addiction last week. Many assumed that sex addiction meant he was addicted to sleeping with women which in turn meant he was cheating on his wife, Tea Leoni. Specifically, with his tennis instructor. Not so says a friend of Duchovny. FOX News clarifies:

I have inferred from my conversation with Duchovny’s friend that this has something to do with an addiction to pornography, probably on the internet. It’s the sex equivalent of a gambling addiction, where the person is just hopelessly trapped in chat rooms.

Well, that’s lame. Internet porn. Does this mean I’m an addict too? No. Internet porn isn’t even a real addiction. It’s more of a hobby. An 18 hour a day hobby which has turned me into a hermit. I’m dedicated.

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