David Duchovny might have cheated on Tea Leoni

David Duchovny checked into rehab at the end of August for sex addiction. Some suspected David cheated on Tea Leoni with his tennis instructor. It was later revealed the sex addiction was actually a porn addiction. Today, The National Enquirer via the Daily Mail goes back to the cheating on wife theory. There’s no mention on who he cheated with, just the fact that Tea found out and gave him an ultimatum: “Get treatment or our marriage is over.”

According to the source, Duchovny has admitted that he is compulsively driven to be unfaithful and finds it impossible to turn down the legions of women who offer themselves to him.

Oh, please. Impossible? Hardly. Just do what I do and put your stuffed animals dressed in halter tops and mini-skirts back in your closet. Temptation gone. Ta-da!

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Krystal Carson
Krystal Carson
12 years ago

Suspected cheating? What a joke! Wake up Tea Leoni this has been going on for a long time. Too bad you didn’t notice earlier and you could have held your head up high with dignity. Now it’s just a cover-up. TRUST NO ONE!

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