David Spade has spawned

Back in January (awesome gallery at that link), David Spade found out he had impregnated Playboy Playmate, Jillian Grace, and released a statement saying he’ll take full responsibility if it is his. Well, guess what? Yesterday, Jillian gave birth to David’s baby girl. David, overcome with joy, said through his rep:

“David and Jillian have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement.”

You hear that? His first break from shooting. Not his second or third, but his first. How sweet. In related news, I’m taking bets on how soon David will tell his daughter she was an accident. 5:1 odds on her 1st birthday. 10:1 on her second birthday, 15:1 on days he just wants to hurt her.

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13 years ago

that’s a playboy playmate?? ugghh..their standards are going down.

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